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Our team at Mode Cabinetry and Millwork is known for their honesty, punctuality, and precision. We NEVER cut corners and we’re always on time. At Mode Cabinetry and Millwork, we believe a good working relationship is based on being upfront and honest in all things. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality countertops, remodeling services, and more through exceptional customer service and precision work. Hiring a professional for countertops installation is very hard for many homeowners because they know the importance of this portion. They always want a professional who has much experience in the field with the best skills. Professionalism comes with time by investing it in the right place.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Because of its strength and abundance, quartz is a popular and reliable choice for countertops. Quartz countertops are sometimes referred to as “engineered” or “man-made,” but quartz is in fact a natural stone. The amount of natural quartz in a slab depends on the quartz manufacturer. Cambria is among the highest concentration of pure quartz to ensure strong, compact slabs. The average quartz countertop cost is between $3,000 and $7,500 for a decent-sized kitchen. That’s a wide range, but it depends on things like size of the slab, how many seams you’ll have, the quality of the quartz and the size of your kitchen. For countertop replacements, Mode Cabinetry and Millwork will remove and dispose of your old countertop in a responsible manner. Next, our experts will make the necessary adjustments to the base cabinets or backsplash to accommodate the new countertop. Once the countertop is installed, our kitchen services can take care of the backsplash, sink installation or cabinet installation. Mode Cabinetry and Millwork saves you time and money thanks to our experts’ diverse skill set.

Granite Countertops

Mode Cabinetry and Millwork is a leader in fabrication and installation of Granite Countertops with over many years’ experience. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of craftsmanship and superior customer service at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of products related to Granite Countertops fabrication. From kitchen counter tops to vanity tops, Jacuzzi and fireplace surrounds, Etc. Our Granite and natural stone countertops can be created to your specifications – if you want a granite or other natural stone counter top with an unusual shape or profile, or a shower base for a unique bathroom configuration, you have the perfect solution with Granite or other natural stone at a value guaranteed to please every customer.

Whatever your project, Mode Cabinetry and Millwork can help you decide on the perfect Granite Countertop solution, and at the best prices in town!


Mode Cabinetry and Millwork Company offers a large variety of custom-made, Wood Countertops. We are best-known for our Butcher Block Countertops, which add natural warmth and beauty to any kitchen. They are extremely durable, stylish, and safe for food preparation.

Our Process

A majority of our expert woodworkers are from the local community. A water-resistant glue is applied to all of our wood countertops to ensure maximum durability.

We strive to create the perfect countertop for you and your kitchen. Our countertops are available in several standard sizes. If you would like a custom countertop for your kitchen, please contact us for a quote. All wood countertop sizes are custom-made to order. Our countertops are sanded and maintained perfectly on top, while the bottom is left in a potentially rough state, untouched, because when installed, it will never be visible.