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Architectural Millwork

We keep the craft of woodworking alive

Architectural Millwork

Mode Cabinetry and Millwork are experienced experts in the full spectrum of commercial architectural millwork, including high-end, sequenced architectural paneling, furniture, like reception desks and conference room tables, Floating ceiling panels, and museum quality displays. We have years of experience working with exotic veneers, hard lumber, and specialty finishes. We also do custom plastic laminate casework and plastic laminate tops. We provide all the complimentary services associated with architectural millwork including the design and installation of granite and stone countertops. Mode Cabinetry and Millwork is able to take their expertise from doing high-end commercial work, with scheduling, engineering, and working with multiple trades and companies, to produce exquisite, large-scale residential work to discerning homeowners. We design and create doors, windows, cabinets, paneling, and especially shine at specialty jobs, like pocket doors, hidden rooms, moving bookcases, and hidden doors. 

Custom Designs for All Your Needs

Our commercial experience allows them to bring a level of engineering to our residential work that other companies can’t match. Our size allows them to create quality work that far surpasses smaller shops that simply don’t have the tools, the manpower or the expertise to produce the same results.

We offer custom millwork services to craft one-of-a-kind windows casings, impact rated and design pressure rated wood doors, wooden shutters, lineal and radius wood moldings and much more. We can help you design and build a one-of-a-kind product, or if you’ve already got your vision, we can help make it a beautiful reality!

High Quality Materials & Experienced Craftsmen

We stock the finest quality materials and premium hardwood from manufacturers you trust, so you can design and receive a unique product that will last. Our millwork services utilize high-tech equipment and highly qualified, experienced craftsmen to make sure you’re satisfied with our product and proud of your project.

Residential & Commercial

Take advantage of our custom millwork services to design curved and rounded architectural features in your residential or commercial space for a beautiful, elegant look. We can design, build, and deliver a variety of custom products, including base trim, door frames, interior and exterior doors, window casings, wood paneling, wood screen doors, and much more.

Whether you need a product for your home or commercial building, we can handle the job and provide you with outstanding results.