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    Highest Quality For The Best Service Guaranteed!

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    We are professionals who have worked hard to build our reputation in the Greater Boston area.

    There, our grandfathers taught the fine skills of the masonry trade to our fathers, and they have passed it on to us. We pride ourselves on our taste and talent, bringing a distinctive look to all our projects, with the quality of traditional workmanship and skill unmatched in Greater Boston, MA.


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    Our main aim is to achieve the highest
    level of customer satisfaction rate.

    Highest Quality For The Best Service Guaranteed!

    Delivering Quality Masonry Services:

    Harvard Masonry & Construction provides high-quality masonry services.

    We have the right tools, equipment, and knowledge related to masonry work. Our top priority is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction rate.

    We have the right professionals with the ability to spearhead your project from inception to completion successfully.

    Don’t Inhale Toxicity

    Harvard Masonry & Construction bestows exceptional chimney inspection services. If the chimney is not examined timely it will eliminate toxic gases that are health hazardous. Our professionals are fully equipped with all tools to maintain and increase chimney life.


    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Excellent service. These guys are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. On-time too. They got the job done in a short time and were very reasonably priced. Highly recommend them to anyone who needs mason work.
    Larry Sturwold
    I have been using this company since I first bought my home, 20 yrs. ago. They did chimney and mason work for our house. I find everyone very professional, friendly, and helpful. I would highly recommend their services!